Rusty by Elizabeth / Mommy

Rusty’s story is one of cruelty.

He was approximately 6-months-old,

badly beaten, and discovered in someone’s backyard.

He had been hit on the head with a shovel, and

left to die. By the time I received him, I knew

he wasn’t going to survive. I called every

emergency veterinarian clinic in the area seeking

treatment for him, but none would take him without a wildlife permit–

I explained that I had a wildlife

permit, but then they just made up other excuses.

Realizing that the only thing I could do was make

him comfortable, that’s what I did. I created a

comfy bed in my room for him, played peaceful

music constantly, and sat by his side until he

passed away. I know he appreciated not having to

die in the hot sun, in his abuser’s backyard, and

all alone. I love you Rusty and you’ll always be