Rusty by Jennifer Nelson / MOMMY JENNIFER L NELSON

Rusty was special when he was a baby he came up to the house. He was a very wild cat but things changed after that. He came the most laziest cat any body known. He loved to hunt; he would bring his pray in the house and he would help Spot my other cat out because Spot had a hard time finding his own food because he was caring. Rusty saved my life by trying to get the bottle out of my hand because I tried to comment suicide. If it wasn’t for him I’d wouldn’t be here today Rusty. It was very hard to say good bye. When I moved and my last
good bye was May 25, 2005.

I wanted to take you with me but they didn’t allowed pets but I was very very sad when you got hit buy a car in August. I know it was hard on Robbert and Sherrie when they saw you on that road that day. They both walked back to the house guilty but you, Rusty, are here with me and now you are with your brother somewhere special. I know you are waiting for me at the gates of heaven. I’ll be there waiting for you. I always love you deep down in my soul, but you are always my hero. You take care, lots of love and kisses.


Jennifer Nelson