Sabrina by Amber Dickinson

I was 10 years old when it happen. I was with my best friend Tyler some where in Texas. It was dark and car never came by the street we where walking on. Tyler and I stopped to look at a turtle and then Tyler jumped in front of me. We were both hit by a car. I woke up the next day beside Tyler
on the side of the road.

Tyler looked at my and said are you ok. I said my leg and arm hurt a little. Than he said I forgot to tell you but my cat had kittens and I want you to have the white one. Tyler looked at me and died. When I recoverd I did not want to eat or sleep. I became very ill. I had forgotten about the white kitten till one day my father brought her to me. I held the soft litte body and stared to cry yet I started to eat. I named the kitten Sabrina after a store Tyler and I went to everyday.

Sabrina became my best friend I lived for her. She was full of love and always made me laugh. Sabrina was a white cat with beautiful eyes one eye was blue the other was green. Without Sabrina I don’t know how I would ever live this hard cure world. I am 14 today but Sabrina is loving Tyler now.

June 26 2002 I found Sabrina dead in someone’s yard. She was shot in the side. Sabrina did not just leave me empty handed she left two beautiful kittens for me to love just like Tyler left her for me.
I named these kittens
Snowy and Bell.

Thank you Sabrina



Amber Dickinson