Sabrina by Craig Schlaud / Daddy

Sabrina, I know that I will never find another soul like yours. You will never be for gotten. You were always there for me without question. You were there when I had to say goodby to my father. You sat by me through goodtimes and upsetting times. You never judge me or got upset with me. Sleeping in bed without you there is not easy. I cry almost all the time. There are somethings you now will be able to do again now that you are healed and whole again. I can almost see you running and playing and talking to the birds like you always did. I can hear you purring all the way down here. Sabrina , have fun and when it is my time God will bring us back together again.
God will simile on our LOVE for each other. Sabrina, you are in my heart for ever!

Sabrina I Love You!


All My Love For You,
Craig Schlaud