Saddie by Brittni Cain & Family / Your rescuer

My dad used to have his own business. At one of his jobs he was telling the people how I had lost Hope. They hadn’t wanted Saddie. They had actually tried to kill her but never did. They had given her ceder shavings and everything she was kept in the back of the house in the dark. They called and asked if I would/could handle another Hamster so soon. I told them that if it meant saving a life I would. She would bite everyone but me when we got her. She had to get used to the light of my room at first so I covered her cage with a towel.

After she got used to the light I took the towel off and put an old scarf where she slept at the top. She tore that scarf to shreds for her bedding and she lined the outside with it so that it would be dark in there. I gave her a carrot every night that I could. She couldn’t figure out how to use the wheel for a while because she was used to an enclosed one. After she got used to her new home I took her out in a ball so she could explore the house with me close behind her. She gained a lot of weight while she was with us. She looked like a very healthy hamster. Before she left us for her last new home she started getting thin. We don’t know if it was because of her age or because she was sick but she died peacefully in her sleep. I will always remember
the impact she had on me.


Forever loved by,
Brittni Cain & Family