Sadie by Kim Pachal / Kim Pachal

This is my story of our beautiful boxer named sadie. It all started out when we were first looking for a dog. My family and I went to the city SPCA and found a wonderful boxer named Cotton. Out of all the puppies I chose a 9 year old sweetheart named Cotton. My reason being she looked like she needed to be loved more than the puppies did.
We took her home immediately.

One day soon after I was laying on the floor with my head on her tummy. And all of a sudden felt little flutters under my ear and on my cheek. Who would have guessed, she was pregnant. So I got a beautiful dog and 5 cute little puppies. Well they were born in our house in my mom’s closet.
The last one to come out was Sadie. Cotton was too weak to take her out of the sac, so my mom did it for her.

Sadie was the only girl so I knew immediatly that she was mine. We ended up selling all the other puppies to wonderful homes. 5 months later Cotton attacked my 2 year old sister in the face. So we had to put her down. She had been used as a breeder for her whole life so she had, had a hard one. It was a very hard time for all us, but the one thing that made me feel better was that the last part of her life had been with people who really loved her, and she could have been with people who were mean to her. And also we had Sadie, the little monster. hahahahaha.

She was a wonderful girl who had us running miles trying to catch her when she got loose. She was an excape artist. Sadie was the most loyal dog out there. She was cuddly and hyper. She was perfect. Let’s just say the good memories are too many to count and
to endless to write on paper.

About 8 months ago we noticed a lump on her throat. We brought her straight to the vet. The vet gave her a prescription and said it would go away, without even much of an explanation except that boxers are prone to cancer and we should keep an eye on it.

Well as you can guess,it got worse and ended up being cancer. The vet said he could maybe fix it but he would have to take out half of her jaw and then she would have to go through chemo therapy. I was a big decision for us. But eventually we came to the understanding that in the end she would only suffer more.

She had such a wonderful life, and we wanted her to go in peace. The morning before she went in it was horrible. I felt sick. She was my girl. The one that had been there through my teen years and was always been there to lick my tears away. And to cuddle when I felt lonely. We took her on one last walk. It was hard for me to understand that she wouldn’t ever do it again. It’s still hard as it was not long ago.
But my old girl went peacefully in my dad’s arms.

My dad held and kissed her, and told her what a good girl she was the whole time. I am writing this to give recognition to a loyal, funny, beautiful dog that was part of our family and who we will always miss. Rest in peace baby. I can see her chasing other dogs and laying in the sun. Well see you again my beautiful girl.


I will love you forever.
I will like for always, as long as I'm living
my favorite puppy
Kim Pachal