Sadie by Lawren Sanders / mommy

Sadie was my best friend. She showed up at our house one day. And she kept on coming back. So she became my dog. She followed me every where she never wanted to be left out of anything. When I would go and ride horse she was always right there with me. Running behind the horse and barking. It was like she was saying look at me mom I am having so much fun. She was with us for about 7 years.

Then I remember getting a phone call from my neighbor telling my dog was in the woods laying there not moving she felt like something was wrong. I remember going down there and she was dead she just left so peacfully. She loved that spot in the woods. She would go back there and go to sleep. She was the best dog in the world and now she is in heaven with my other best friend her brother Buck.


Miss you every day,
Lawren Sanders