Sadie Marie by Cathy&Jeff May / MOM AND DAD

Sadie I can remember when I first meet you. I picked you up and I was asked is that the one you want and I said yes. You was the runt of the litter and you looked at me with those sad eyes. You had those tiny ears that was so cute. Then when you got a little bigger you would take those ears and cover up your eyes. Then you had a sister that came in your life and you two had so much fun together. There was a lot of things that you had gotten in to. You would always lay in the bathroom floor when I took a shower then when it was time to go go bed you would lay right next to me. Then you came down with cushing diease it was getting so bad that there was nothing the vets could do.

You had a hard time trying to walk and it was hard. It was very hard for me to put you down but I knew I had to do it. I held you and gave to kiss and hugs when the vet was putting you down. I can never get over the pain and broken heart that you are not hear with us. We miss you so much and love you so much. There will be a time when we all meet at the heavens gates and be a family again.


Sadie Marie
Cathy&Jeff May