SadieMay by Keri / Dad, Mom, Joe, Sarah, Chirs & Keri

I have this dog named Sadie May! She plays with us all the time in our yard! She runs up and down the hill trying to keep up with us! She sleeps with my mom and dad at the end of there bed! It’s getting harder for her to get up the stairs and keep up with us but she is trying! We’re moving and she is almost 14! She still runs with us and she tries to get up the stairs! It’s almost time for her to go we all thought!

It’s morning my brother Joe saw her laying on her side and she isn’t moving! My mom came down he told her! We all went to school but I didn’t know what happened! We all came home and my parent told us! We dug a hole for her and we buried her in out back yard! Everyday we wonder how she is where she is and all of that thank god
she had a happy life us!


We all miss you!