Sam by Marianne / Mama

It’s been nearly 2 years since you left for Rainbow Bridge. Man, I miss you every day. But I know you’re here with me. I wanted to let you know we have a new addition to the family. His name is Jake! And he reminds me of you. Jake came to us 2 weeks before your 1st year anniversary of leaving for Rainbow Bridge.

Jake was found roaming the woods in the middle of December when the temperature was 15 below zero! He had icicles hanging from his little belly. He is the perfect color. I wonder if you sent him to me or if it’s really you inside. I think it’s really you! After you left, I dreamed of reuniting with you once a month. You were always at a distance curled up sleeping. Then, the last few dreams were of you running toward me and jumping all over me licking my face. Then when Jake came along the dreams stopped. I remember how independent you were and I bet any money you got tired of waiting for me and ran way from Rainbow Bridge to find your Mama! Uncle Ron found Jake wondering the woods.

Jake has the same characteristics as you; he digs in the bathroom garbage to find the qtips for a little snackie; he kicks his back leg out just like you did when laying down. And the kisses, they never stop. He snuggles with me in bed too, just like you. Every night before sleepy time, I snuggle with Jake, look into his eyes and tell him
“I know it’s you”.


I love you Sam; there is no one like you!