Sam by Sue

I first met Sam in a garage with his sisters. The person who owned them said to me: “They’re all girls-take whichever one you want.” So I picked the social one; the one with the runny eye and the most curiosity. I took “her” home and named her Samantha. Some time later, a friend was playing with my kitten and happened to notice that Samantha was a boy. No problem; name change completed: SAM. This little cat with the runny eye became my best friend, closest companion and confidant for nearly 14 years.

Yesterday morning, due to illness, he passed away in the arms of his veterinarian. Even though I wasn’t with him, I know he knew how very much I loved him. He surely knows how badly broken my heart is and that his absence is as profound as his sweet, little presence was. I will remember his kisses, his soft fur, his big head and his long legs. I will remember him eating, drinking, sleeping, running, playing, purring, watching me, and waiting patiently for a bite of tuna or some catnip.
Most of all I will remember his beautiful, expressive eyes; the ones that best conveyed his emotions.


Be happy with God, sweetpea,
and I will be there with you someday.
9, May 2003