Samantha by Clayton

Long Time Companion

On a cool spring day
you pounced into my life
Offering friendship and
fun and lots of spice.
Your eyes so inviting
how could I say no
As I opened the door
to your new abode.

Our early days were
filled with fun and frolic
Laughter was the order of the day.
And when evening casts
her shadows of sleep
By my side you softly creep
Quietly dreaming of come what may.

Through good days and bad days
You were always there
Happy times and sad times
There was no matter here.

Time slips by and takes
wing over the ages
My sweet feline friend
With time a war rages
Things look grim
but still you are here
God offers a miracle
a means to an end.

Softly time whispers
itÆs time to go
With brave face
you smile and purr low
I cry out to God
“Please if time you could bend”
IÆm not yet ready for
this friendship to end.

But time I could not stop
nor halt nor break
So softly it did creep and
your life it did take
My pain is so great
your absence so loud
As I lay your frail body
in my emotion-drenched shroud.

Candles burn gently
through tears they did glow
Upon a soft bed of velvet
your head now rests below
A vigil I sit
as you had done me before
Not leaving your side
I bow my head low.

My friend my companion
God blessed with me you
Twenty years of loyalty
and I hope you knew
One cat and one man
these bonds are forever
My long time companion
our parting comes never
Fly with the angels
and think of me whenever.

By Clayton E. Sather

In Memory of my long time
feline companion of 20 years –



22, Sept 2001