Samantha by Dan and Jaimie Hirsch / Mommy,Daddy,Amanda,Drew and Sunshine

It will be 2 weeks that you have been out of our lives. It has taken me this long to write a memorial to you because it was just too painful. We can’t believe you are gone forever. The first week it felt like we were living in a dream state, like you were going to come back. Your dad was sick with grief. I have never seen him like this before. You were his best friend and always will be. Sometimes we think we see you.

I know we made the right decision by putting you out of your misery but it still hurts so bad. Your cancer was a shock to us. We couldn’t believe it. Our main concern was that you didn’t suffer and we knew when you stopped eating(table scraps and dog treats) and you couldn’t sleep because you couldn’t breathe out of your nose that it was time. It came on so fast but at least we had the chance to show you how much we loved you and were able to say goodbye.

You were the perfect lady Sam. You were perfect in every way. You barked when the phone rang in case I couldn’t hear it. You stayed and kept your daddy company in his office all day. We all love you and will miss you forever.

I only hope you and your sister Selena have found each other and are together. I really believe in that. When it’s Sunshine’s time please meet her too and show her the ropes. She really misses you. I can tell. We will all be together someday Samantha. Until then play, eat treats and be at peace. You deserve it our perfect lady.


Love and kisses forever,
Dan and Jaimie Hirsch