Samantha by Donna / Mommy

Sam’s mom was a stray at my house. I knew she was going to have kittens because of her bulging belly. One day she came for food and her belly was small. Now I had to find her kittens. I watched her head for the woods for a few days. The first couple of times I followed her she would stop and just sit. One day I thought maybe if I just start walking out in the woods she would follow me. It worked, when I got close to where her kittens were she headed for a pile of brush and there they were all four of them. I placed them in my shirt and headed home with mom following. The moment I saw Samantha I knew she would be mine. Mommy kitty took care of them for the first 4 – 5 weeks then seemed to have no interest. I started to bottle feed them until they started
to eat on their own.

I brought mommy to the vet and had her fixed and still have her. My beautiful Samantha was in my life for almost 11 years. She was one of the best kitties I ever had. I miss and love you my sweet little Sammy. You will always be in my heart. We will be together again.


Lots of love,