Samantha by Marina


" Samantha "

10 / 8 / 82 ---- 7 / 29 / 94



To the other side

I ran and played

Again I'm young

My master letting go at last

Knowing my time had come


How hard it was to part

Our hearts beating in time

The cord of God loosed at last,

Love flowing our lives unentwined.


In Doc's kind care

A prayer is said

To guide me on my way

While my friend stands near by

A witness to this day


The prick of needle

Tho painful be is done

My heart stops its beat,

Ushering me here where free

Of aging flesh,

Of graying eyes-

The heaviness of me


So mourn my friend for a time

But know I haven't gone

Forever from your side

And as you work you'll

Stop a while

Recalling times we shared

And lips in smile

And mind on me

We'll join again in prayer


Be sure my friend,

When body fails

I'll greet you on your path

We'll walk again side by side,

Our hearts at rest at last.


Lynne Marie

February 1993


Submitted by Marina Cappas