Samantha Lou by Tina & Monico Garza / Mommy, Daddy, Breanna & Eddie

In November 2003 my husband (boyfriend at the time) went looking at shelters for that special friend, we walked all over that shelter and didn’t find the one for us, until we were ready to leave for whatever reason Monico wanted to look down that first isle one more time, as I walked out the door I heard him yelling “honey look a pug”, I instantly ran back in, and there she was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen and I said out loud “I must have her, she is the one I’m looking for”, so we put ourselves on the waiting list they had and we were the first on the list, we did have to wait a 3 day period and then she was ours. At first she did not like me after we got her home but after about a week she knew I was hers, I never owned her she owned me for the
4 glorious years we had with her.

Even though we found out in January 2007 that she was going into kidney failure we enjoyed her up until she took her last dying breath, I did try to spare her the pain she was going through the last week or two she lived by asking the vet if he would put her to sleep, but he refused he said that she would make it for a while longer, and because I have been going through that vet for 8 years I trusted him and took his advice that I was over reacting, we’ll I should have listened to my heart I knew she was dying, she wouldn’t eat for a week in a half, she was weighed in July 2007 and she weighed 25.7 LBS I weighed her on 09/28/2007 and she weighed 19.7 LBS and that is not normal.

Well Samantha did pass away on 09/29/2007 at my mother in laws house at least she passed away some where she enjoyed being instead of at the vet’s office that she hated so bad. I am having her cremated and her ashes are being returned so I look at it this way we will have her home with us. We do have our boy still his name is Eddie he is a pure black pug that loved his sister with all his heart literally he is having a hard time with this but I think he will pull through, our 7 year old daughter (human) is having a tough time because she witnessed her passing and she doesn’t understand why our baby isn’t coming back, but I just tell her that Samantha is in a better place and I think over time
all of our tears will be less.

Samantha did teach me something while she was on this earth she taught me what loyalty and trust was all about, it was just like her to wait for me on my side of the bed if I was at work and she would never move that is when my husband took this picture that I used for this memorial she was waiting for her mommy, she needed me as much as I needed her, and we rescued each other, and with that I will never forget her or anything about her.


Do not cry my love for I will meet with you again with love always,
Samantha Lou
Tina & Monico Garza