Sambo by LSULOVER / Mama, Daddy, Desiree, Josh, Shawn, Lora

Sambo came into our lives almost 16 years ago; he was given to my daughter. He was so little when we first got him.

On March 3 we had to put our beloved Sambo to sleep, he had gotten sick and we had been giving him fluid pills and steriods for a while. He was blind, but he could still get around as long
as I didn’t move anything.

My husband went with him when it was time. I couldn’t do it, but I didn’t want Sambo to be by himself. That was very important to me.

Sambo was so sweet and he was very spoiled,
he ate ice cream every night.

We loved him so much, I know he is running around Rainbow Bridge and that helps me sometimes. I know he can see again.


We miss you, Sambo.