Sammy by Annette / Mom

Sammy first came into our lives as a companion to me and to irritate my husband as we weren’t communicating well at the time. She was four weeks old and was going to be killed if a owner was not found. I brought home this beautiful black little ball of fur. She has incredible energy she loved to run constantly and when she was outside her goal
was to get into the house.

She loved everyone. Especially my husband 🙂 He fell madly in love with him also. She slept on a pink furry bathrobe my late grandma had given me I put it in the dryer at night so she could snuggle. Sammy was never sick until her arthritis became unbearable. She was so social and loved kids. She was a bit irked when our grand dog came to live with us and soon put that golden retriever in his place until she kindly gave up that role due to pain and age.

She was happy to lie in a corner out of harms way and observe life around her she loved everyone and enjoyed hugs and kisses. In the past year she got slower and slower and when she was bleeding internally and dying she lovingly licked our face one last time as god took her home. As a abused child I grew up without a lot of trust and sammy gave unconditional love and asked for nothing but love and
a bit of food and water.

Sammy we miss you and hope your running and have a favorite spot under a apple tree like here at home.


Love you forever.