Sammy by JCawvey / Mom

When Sammy was born he seem like any normal kitten in a strange litter. His brothers and sisters were back/white or siamese mix but with one strange trait. Two were born with no tales, two with tales, one with half a tail(Pigtail) I thought when I was finding homes for them that the no tales and the half tales would be difficult to adopt out. When it was over, I ended up keeping the two with real tales. Sammy and his sister, squealy, stayed with me. Sammy was a real troublemaker as a kitten.He broke a trophy climbing plus a clock, a glass top from an aquarium, Plus the famous fish hook in the nose story. What I would not give to have him do something extreme again. I will always remember him by his crazy antics and unquestionable love.
J Cawvey


See you in heaven Sammy!!!