Sammy by Laura / Love, Sis

During the month of February 2000, we recieved a phone call from our landlord that he had sold our house and that we should be out in the short time of 30 days, let alone find another house to live in. We searched long and hard desperately hoping we would find a home.
God finally found us a house in a good town. There was just one thing we had to do in order to get this house. The landlady’s mother had lived in this house where she grew up and was sent to a Nursing Home, leaving behind a beautiful sweet kitty named Sammy. He had already been roaming the house for months, and was very lonely even though, our landlord had been making short trips everyday to feed him. It still wasnt enough.He was in need of a family who would give him the love just as his mother did.
The first time we met Sammy was the first time we saw the house. He welcomed us and rubbed against us letting us know he wasnt shy at all.
When we were all settled we got so attached to Sammy. Everytime anyone sat down it wouldnt matter who you were he would sit on our lap and sleep. He was already 12 years old when we got him, and lived 2 more healthy years.
We would have never known he had lung cancer until one night he wouldnt eat, which was not like him. That was his favorite thing he would eat everything in sight. The next day it only got worse. He was so weak that he couldnt even lift his head. This wasnt like him at all. We were all such in shock and just lay there with him rubbing his soft little head as he rested his head on his little paws. We thought it might be the stomach flu or something he might have eaten.(cause he ate everything.)We called our landlady and she rushed over and took him to the doctor. As she gently picked him up and wrabbed a blanket over him cause it was cold outside he looked at us in the saddest way you could imagine. We kissed him and told him it was going to be all right and we’d see him tomorrow after school. I will never forget the next day when we called our landlord before school to ask him what was wrong with him and when we should pick him up. She started sobbing and told us he had lung cancer and there was no hope for him so he had put him to sleep the night before.
If i only knew that was the last time i would see him i would have gone and held him till the end to let him know that i loved him so very much. I still hear him by the screen door meowing to come in. Sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night wishing he would come lay on my pillow and snuggle with me.
Now im going through the same thing with my baby Oreo he’s a cocker spaniel and we’ve had him ever since i was three years old.He misses sammy so much. He’s getting old on us, and is blind and getting deaf.
Animals are the greatest thing. They can be the best friends ever, they’ll never turn on you or abandon you, they’ll just love you in every way possible.
Sammy, although we didnt have you too long, it felt like you had been in the family forever, and you became one of us. I am so sorry i wasnt there to hold you when you took your last were the best cat ever.


I Will Love You Forver