Sammy Sinclair

My Little Man, I came home and found you had left this world.  I still tried to bring you back but after 45 mins. I realized you were gone forever.   I hope your transition to the beyond was pain free and that you are with your brother, Wyatt, and running free again.  The last 10 months were hard as you could no longer walk on your hind legs but you did not let that stop you.  You were determined to show everyone that you were not going to let this get you down, and you did.  What I will miss the most is that big smile and your getting to the door as fast as you could to greet me each time I arrived home.   I adopted you 8 years ago.  You were 6 and your family gave you to a shelter saying you marked outside, I could not believe it.  I took you home with me and you were the perfect dog.  A Diamond.  I love you dearly and I pray we will be together again.  Mom

August 21, 2021
Peggy Sinclair