Sampson Nite by Jody

We got Sampson because we thought Casey,
our other Golden needed a friend,
she was 2 1/2. My husband talked me
into getting him and we brought him home
on a December evening.
Casey wasn’t sure if she liked him at
first, but he fell in love
with her right from the beginning.
Over the years they were best friends and
they had a beautiful litter together.
When the puppies were being born,
Sampson was waiting in the living room
barking for attention.
He loved attention.

Sam loved to go outside, he was always the first one
to go out so he could attack Casey
when she came out.
She would growl at him and
then try to attack him.
It was really cute.
Sam also could catch a frisbee like crazy.
He was also good about giving it back,
unlike Casey. He loved to chew things too,
balls and my little boys’ outside toys.
He loved to go camping and swim in the lake.
I’ll never forget the first time
we took him swimming,
his paws would come completely
to the top of the water,
like he was hitting the water.
He also loved to play with
an empty soda bottle, and
would carry it around the house
like he was so proud of it.
When he was hungry, he would slap his dish
so it would turn upside down.
I miss him standing at my feet
while I peel carrots,
it was his favorite snack.

Sam started limping in June(02) and
then I found a lump under the same limb,
which was attached to his rib cage.
We went through x-rays,
a fine need aspiration and a biopsy and
got the awful results on the day
we were leaving for Sam’s last camping trip,
osteosarcoma, bone cancer.
I knew this was bad.
He lived only 5 weeks from the day
I found the lump. We were told we would
have to intervene, but someone else
helped us out and Sampson passed away
at home in our living room.
We all had chance to say goodbye and
tell him we loved him.
He would have been 9 on September 30.

So Sampson, I know you’re feeling better now
and may God take care of you and
laugh at the funny things you do.
It’s only been 4 weeks and
I miss you so terribly, but I now
you are no longer suffering.
I’m glad you were able to go camping one
last time and we have the greatest memories
of you. Casey misses you too.

With love,

Your family


Sampson Nite