Samson by Bruce & Lynda / Mom & Dad

You were born and raised to be a show dog but you wanted nothing to do with that life so we rescued you when you were
just about two years old.

You accepted your new home and your new companion Brandy without fear or hesitation.
You gave us nine years of happiness and laughter. You filled a void in our hearts when we had to let our precious Bailey go.
Sammy, we will miss the way that you would rest your head on the arm of the couch and look outside. I (mom)will miss the way you would politely wait for me to give you an ice cube. I (mom) will miss the way you looked at me as I ate my yogurt and how you could not wait to lick the plastic container clean.

Dad will miss the way you would greet him at the back door when he got home from work. How patient you were in waiting for dad to finish his dinner just to jump up on the couch and snuggle with dad. My two couch potatoes is what I would say.

We both will miss playing fetch with you. How you would run to get a head start and we would say “UH did you forget something” and you always ran back to us and jumped up and pecked a kiss on our face and then we would throw your toy.
You gave us unconditional love, understanding and joy. You gave us laughter with the way that you would play with your purple frog, zebra and sharky. And how you would make us giggle as you would spin in circles when we asked if you wanted a cookie.

After two months of medications, x-rays and exploratory surgery what we thought was Reactive Lymphoid Hyperplasia turned out to be carcinoma. There was nothing we could do for you it was only a matter of time. You never once whimpered with pain or discomfort and always greeted us with a wagging tail.
Our last weekend was the hardest weekend knowing that you deserved a peaceful goodbye. You tugged at our hearts but we knew you were not comfortable. So, sadly we made the choice that we must not be selfish and to let you go where we knew you would no longer be in pain and would run free with Bailey and Brandy. We always did call you our hero.

Loosing Bailey was hard but we had Brandy to help ease the pain. Loosing Brandy was hard but you were there to comfort us in our grief. But loosing you has been by far the hardest
as we now have an empty home.

You will always be treasured
in our hearts and will always be missed.

Give Bailey and Brandy hugs
from mom and dad we miss you all.


Will Love You Always,
Bruce & Lynda