Samson by Rosann / Mommy

A poem written by © Rosann Falise

Pet Friend

My pet friend,
Has been my best friend,,
He bathes my every bruise,
He’s even chewed my shoes,
He stays right by my side,
He really loves rawhide,
He’s always under my feet,
He really is very neat,
He sometimes barks alot,
He’s just like a little tot,
He likes to lie on my bed,
And on my pillow rest his little head,
He loves his little treats,
He likes to roam the streets,
He always wants to be petted,
To him I’m very indebted,
He is my dear pet friend,
He will be here till his very end.

Date submitted: September 6, 2000

Date written: September 6, 2000

Category: My Pet

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With Love,
12, Sep 2005