Sandy Carter by Marlene Carter / Mama

Sandy was the sweetest dog that ever walked the face of the earth. Today is her birthday. She was so well behaved, gentle and just plain good. She was a little sweetheart. She was sent to the hospital because our vet suspected kidney failure, which proved to be false, thank God, and she was improving every day with several antibiotics daily.

On Sept. 2, we noticed the tip of her tongue was discolored. The vet had her IV in her jugular vein. The next day we were called early in the morning to come right away – the hospital was an hour away – and when we got there her tongue was completely black from gangrene and she had a lump the size of a walnut sticking out of her mouth.

For the first time since we had her, I saw/heard my baby crying in pain. The vet suggested they cut her tongue off and tube feed her. THAT was when I should have punched him in the face. Just concerned with her suffering, watching her toss her little head back and forth and hearing her cry from the pain. I got hysterical and had her put to sleep right then and there. What THEY started, I had to finish – killing her.

I miss her so much I can’t stand it. I cry every day for her. She shouldn’t have left this earth that day. I will be with her again! That’s the story of my little angel’s ending. Everyone loved her, but not like I did and still do. I miss you so much, Sandy and love you dearly!


Love Forever till we meet again,
Sandy Carter
Marlene Carter