Sandy Marie by Michael & Bridget Bradford / Mom, Dad, Miss Oreo, & Ashley

We got Sandy on April 14 1997. We adopted her from the Searcy Humane Society. She was an older cat, probably 2 or 3 years old. She was part siamese and had the most beautiful blue eyes.
When we took her in to the vet to have her spayed, she was pregnant. We didn’t know, and we lost her babies. After that she would carry around a make-up brush and call out like a mother would for her baby. She did this our entire time together.

Sandy always seemed to miss her original family. She would get a far away look in her eyes sometimes. We know she loved us dearly, but still missed her first family.

Sandy loved deer meat. (We don’t hunt.) People sometimes would give us some to cook and Sandy Marie would just about fight me for some.
Sandy was a momma’s girl. If I was sick and in the bed, she would be right by my side. I will miss her love and devotion.

Sandy also loved her dad. It took awhile for them two to work out an understanding. Once they did, she would give her dad sugars everytime he asked her for a kiss.

Sandy loved Miss Oreo and Ashley Lynn also. Sandy was Miss Oreo’s adopted momma. Once when Miss Oreo was a kitten, Sandy tried to pick her up and carry her, but Miss Oreo was already to big for that. But that didn’t stop Sandy from trying. As for Ashley Lynn, she brought out the kitten in Sandy . Sandy and Ashley would wrestle like two kittens. They had so much fun playing together.

Sandy loved crab leg meat and shrimp also. She was always ready for a treat like that. Sandy loved sitting on the screen porch at night and on cool days. Whenever we would go out she never wanted to give up her chair. When we left she would go right back in it. Sandy slept with us every night and loved sleeping late. She adored laying in front of the fireplace on those chilly nights.

On March 10th Sandy had a heart attack. We never heard she say Ma Ma the whole time she was with us until then. We had a EKG, Xrays, and blood work that confirmed that. There was so much fluid around her heart it was unreal. The Vet thought she would be ok and after a couple of shots, lasix, etc he sent her home. She just got worse and we took her back in on Monday the 13th. The Vet put her on a IV and also lasix. She perked up a little Monday afternoon but by Tuesday morning we knew she wasn’t going to make it. Her breathing was labored and she still hadn’t passed any of the fluid, it was just building up more. So, as a final act of Love for our Blue Eyed Baby, we helped her cross to Rainbow Bridge. Ashley and Miss Oreo seemed confused and was missing her but they seem like they will be ok. Sandy was cremated and will be buried with us when our time comes. Sandy, you left your Paw Prints all over our hearts.


Forever In Our Hearts,
Sandy Marie
Michael & Bridget Bradford