Sara by Annette Anderson / Mommy and Daddy

Sara was my beautiful tri-colored collie with an angelic face and the softest brown eyes filled with love. I got her when she was six weeks old and she was a very energetic puppy. It was at a time when I developed some heart problems and it seemed as if Sara knew that she had to come into my life to help restore my health and raise my spirits.

My mother had a beautiful sable and white collie named Lady. Sara and Lady would run and play and entertain us. Every evening at six o clock Sara would bark until I took her for a walk and I am convinced that is what made me better. She would not let me miss a single day and never gave up until I took her for that walk. It was as if she knew I had to go for that walk to get better. When Sara was four years old I got married and she was there for me to make the transition into married life and she adjusted well to our new home and to my husband who loved her as well. Sara was very protective of us and guarded our house diligently and played with the squirrels in the back yard. She made us laugh because she could immitate Tim Allen in a way you would only have to hear to believe. She was endlessly curious about what was going on in the world. She was outgoing to people and would easily make friends.

The days that I was sick she stayed by my side at all times. It was as if she took responsibility for my well being. One night she got us out of bed and alerted us that something was wrong. I let her outside and discovered the neighbors car was on fire and they were in their house unaware of it. My husband ran to their house to tell them while I called the fire department. We would have never known if Sara hadn’t gotten us up.

Four years ago Sara became ill with a bladder infection but we could not seem to cure it. We tried different antibiotics over the years and countless trips to the vet and even a trip to U of I vet college/hospital. We thought we had finally found an antibiotic to cure this pseudo virus and she got better for a short while. She also suffered terribly from arthritis but a new drug seemed to help that.
Sadly the bladder infection came back with a vengence and the vet said the last thing we could try was an exploratory surgery. Sara lived almost a week after the surgery, then her tired little body gave out. My heart feels like it is surely broken. She was so brave she did all that was ever asked of her, and trusted in me completely. I cared for her in every way that was possible and anything I ever did for her she gave back a thousand fold. I feel that it was a priveledge to have had Sara in my life and I owe her so much for making my life so much better.

No one can ever fill the void she left and we will miss her terribly. She had special times with my husband as well and has left an imprint in our hearts that we will never forget. She was our baby and we will never forget her angel face.


With Love Forever
Annette Anderson