Sarah,Tony, Bella and Patches by Colleen / A mother, Grandma, and Aunt

I came home from camp not knowing what was in store. We walked up the stairs into our apartment building. My parents were on the couch chatting not knowing what was really happening. I asked where the guinea pigs were. My mom sad they were outside. As I walked outside our three guinea pigs were out there but Sarah and Tony didn’t seem right. Me and my sister carried them inside. We discovered they were suffering from heat stroke. We out them in water.

We tried desperately to cool them down but nothing was working. I prayed to the lord they would get better but they never did. Tony ( Sarah’s daughter) passed away first next to her father (Bella). Our hearts broke but we still needed to try to help Sarah. I carried her in my arms watching her slowly slipping away.

It was heart breaking know there was nothing we could do. I held her tight crying. Her last breath was in my arms. The next day we buried the 2 guinea pigs under a pine tree. I will always remember them. After that we got another giunea pig named Patches. She would never replace the 2 we lost but a new friend to rejoy us. We moved and shortly after Bella passed away of old age.

I went downstairs to get my friend a drink and there he was. The body of the guinea pig we loved. Patches was still there till last summer she passed away of old age. I loved them all and will never ever forget them.


I love you all!
Sarah,Tony, Bella and Patches