Sargie Poo by Camille Manning / Mommy

It was early morning let’s say around 2:00
when I heard the jingling of his collar.
I jumped out of my sleep as I knew what it was.
It was my Sargie awaking from his sleep.
He started to pant and was panting so hard.
When I jumped to his side to see what was wrong,
He started to push with his two little paws.

Going round in circles around and around
I pulled him close to my side and started to cry.
My Sargie, my Sargie please don’t die,
But the more I cried as he was panting more,
I realized what was happening, it was his time to die.

I petted his head as I always have done,
And whispered softly I love you to death.
As his breathing got less, and his heart then stopped,
I started to cry oh my God, he is gone.

My heart starting throbbing my body went numb.
I grabbed him in my arms and hugged him so hard.
I kissed him and kissed him and could not let go,
Till I realized his pain and suffering will be there no more.
I grabbed his green blanket so he would not get cold,
And placed it on him one last time.

As the hours went by I realized it was time,
To bring him to the vet one last time.
As we got to the vet with my favorite pet,
They took him from me and put him to rest.
Now it is time to pick up from the vet,
My favorite pet to make him forever rest.

In the home that he has know since he was born,
I could never forget the joy that he’s been.
He has been in my heart for 17 years.
I will never forget the time that we spent,
We were together from the start
And now that he is gone I know in my heart,
He was happy from the start and he knows,
That the touch of my hand was there with him
at the end of his life.


With all my love and affection,
Sargie Poo
20, Jan 2003
Camille Manning