Sasha by Brennan, Amanda & Echo / Mommy, Papa, and Echo

you chose us, how sweet, just a puppy
some said you were a mutt- we knew
you were a beautiful german shepherd
black and tan, perfect but
sometimes happy, sometimes sad
you would look at us, give us your paw and we
thought what a smart dog, and so emotional

oh sasha, we’d say, you need to eat more
you’re such a pretty girl
and so smart…

so gentle are you Sasha
so sweet to our little girl
but bad guys are still afraid of you
the great protector,
the big, perfect ears, the royal stance
(they think you’re mean… but it was our little secret)
you were such a pretty girl and smart, too

yesterday morning… you wanted to leave
you looked at us… you gave us your paw
you died of a broken heart?
you were trying to tell us…
and you took your last breath
in our arms
with your ears so perfect, listening… listening

Sasha- no… Sasha… Sasha


We love you,
8, Oct 2004
Brennan, Amanda & Echo