Sasha by Brittney Hatten / Brittney

I got her when I was 2. It was the best day of my life. We got her from people that didn’t have time to take care of her. I will never forget her brown puppy eyes. Well let me begin like I said I got her when I was 2. She was only 1 year youger then me. I loved having a dog someone I could tell all my secrets and I know she would never tell them to anyone!

My first Christmas we made her a stockng; she was the best and I thought I would have her forever but that idea would change. By the time I was 4 we were so close. I would always come home from school and tell her every thing like my first 3 best friend A.J., Mariah,and Brittany even they thought she was the best and she was but the next year would change it all.

I had a real close relationship with my couson Krystal and L.J. In our town we have this thing were everyone goes to a hockey game in the city and I couldn’t go. I was sick so my cousins and my uncal went. That night about 10:00 we got a call while I was in bed. I woke up because my mom & dad were crying but they wouldn’t tell me what happened so they sent me to my grandparents since they lived right next door.

In the morning they picked me up and brought me to the city hospital. I saw my couson Krystal and my uncle. I asked my mom where L.J. was. She started crying again and that’s when I knew he was gone. The first thing I did when I got home was run to my dog. My mom made us food and we watched all dogs go to heaven.

5 years later we were all happy again until the day I noticed a big bump on my dog’s tummy so off to her least favorite place the vet, and the worstt news i ever got. She had a tumor but the good thing was it wasn’t giving her pain but they said she only had 2 years to live and I was going to make them the best 2 years of her life. So when it was down to the last two months they said she had to live my mom surprizd me with tickets to my favorite concert and when I got back
I was so happy she was still there.

On the 30th of May every one at school was trying to cheer me up because it was only the last month when I got home she look not too good with the size of her tumor being the size of a basket ball. I knew the time she had left was little so I stayed with her the whole time and when bed time came she came with me like always but her tumor was so big it was bleeding and she couldn’t lay down so I gave her all my blankets for her to lay on and I layed beside her on the floor.

That morning we put her in the breezway, kissed her goodbye and left for school. It was a normal day and on my way home and since my grandparents moved closer to my school I stopped there. They told me my mom called and I was to stay there till she got off work and we could walk home together but I knew somthing was wrong so I called her and she said I could go home if I want. So my brother drove me to the store to pick up supper and then he drove me home and when we got there she said he had bad news and the first thing I thought was SASHA then he said he was sorry but they put Sasha down and I thought he was joking but he started to cry and I knew that she was gone and I will never forget that day!!! She was the best and she is still with me in my heart !!!


Love your best friend /sister always,
Brittney Hatten