Sasha by Carrie / Mommy

Myotonia is an EXTREAMLY RARE condition, and never seen in cats. Most are euthanized because no one knows whats wrong, Sasha taught me alot about dedication and Love, she became my bestest friend ever. I am saddened that she is gone. She survived with her condition for a year. I am proud of her for all she did, and I will miss her so much. Myotonia needs to be known, it’s out there and cats can be affected by it. It is a muscle condition; it’s not a death sentence. She loved to eat, and would come running when it was time, her favorite food was Iams wet kitten food, it was hard for her to even move, but for food, she could run! I miss her dearly and will never forget her, nor will those that knew her. She was very special, and there is no other kitty like her. We love you Sasha, rest in peace now till momma sees you again


With Love,