Sasha by Melissa / Missa

I remember when we first met. I was so happy when we brought you home i had so much excitement when I first got to hold you. I was so happy and I even got to name you I remember that night. I remember like it was yesterday. We had taken my dad his dinner he said he found a dog that was abandoned at his work. We got to take you home that night then when we got home I named you.

Then I remember the first time you got pregnant and you were with me in my room. I remember that you were sitting under my table next to my bed. Then all of a sudden you started to yelp and I ran to my mom and I had thought that you were hurt and my mom said that you were just having your puppies. I was so happy that you were finally going to have your puppies.

You had six puppies, four girls and two boys. I was so happy. We named the girls Princes, Aley, Cookie, and Betty. We named the boys Bob, and cry baby; we called it that because he would cry alot).

I remember that day you left us I was at school and you had got out and you got hit by a truck and you ended up right next to my dad’s truck and that’s when the ASPCA or what ever came and got you.

I was so sad when I heard the nurse that you were hit by a car and that you were taken away. I was so sad. I miss you so much and I hope to see you some day and hope to see you at that golden gate and I hope to walk over that beautiful rainbow bridge.


I miss you and I LOVE you ,