April 10 1984 —– April 13 2001

Golden Retriever

Sheaffer came into my life in the spring of 1984.

Just a week after I lost Pee-Wee another good friend.

I rescued Sheaffer from a animal shelter that he was at for 3 weeks.

He was left their by his former owner after suffering much

physical & mental abuse.

From the first day I took him home it was a friendship that him

and I enjoyed every day every hour every minute.

Sheaffer was also greatly loved by my daughter Holly & my

Mother In-law Edith who looked after him as well while I was

at work or traveling on business.

Any-one who came in contact with sheaffer got an instant benefit from

his love and attention; he was a people dog and the more people the better.

It has been,one full day since sheaff left my life.

Sheaffer I miss your presence in my life especially that big tail wagging

100 mph as you greeted every time at the front door,

with those big brown eyes.

Sheaffer thanks for the many years of love and devotion to me.

You will be in my mind always of the great times you shared

with me and my family.

Until we meet again your best friend


Terry Holly and Edith