Sassy by Mandy Ouellette / Your sister, Mandy

I was a misfit teen always in trouble and no one to help me through it. I desided to go on a mission. One day I went to a not so great part of town and outside of a house was a sign for free kittens. I desided to take one. I thought maybe it might have a better life with me then staying there. I felt like for once I was doing something good in life I was saving someone. Her name was Sassy. Little did I know then that
it was the perfect name for her.

Some years went by and she grew an attitude for people. She just didn’t like them, except me. I finally had someone. I didn’t feel so alone. She slept in my bed with me and she followed me everywhere I went. When I was sad she would sit and listen to my story and comfort me when I needed it. She was also funny. She would eat lying on the floor scouping out her food to her mouth like she was a goddess.

She got sick and very overweight so I tried everything I could. She was peeing everywhere and then we noticed the tremors, but I thought that we where gonna be ok and that we would make it through this. I went to work like I do everyday, but my world had already changed before I even came home. My mom found her where I left her in the morning in her spot on the stairs where she always had her nap.
She was peaceful. They said.

My family took care of her before I came home. When I found out I was a mess for weeks. It’ll be a year this August and even as I write this it pains me so. She was and will always be my best friend. I never had someone like her before in my life. I never really got too say good bye so this tribute is my way. It hurts to know that when I’m having a hard time with something she’s not here to help me, but she will always be in my heart and soul through out the rest of eternity, and
someday I hope to see her again.

She was my best friend and that I cherish more than anything. Thank you, Sassy, for the comfort and love we shared in the short time we had. I’ll never forget you.


With love for an externity,
Mandy Ouellette