Sassy by Mary Jane / Mary Jane Sassy’s mama

Sassy was a funny 7 toed kitty. He pretty much had a bad attitude. I was the only one that could calm him down. He did the funniest things. He had these huge paws and when Shadow (dog) his best buddy would walk by him he would reach out and swap her with his paw and then the chase was on. It was so much fun to watch all the fur babies together and it just isn’t the same without Sassy. He was a goofball.

He is missed very much by all of us. He would just lay around on top of the coffee table and play with doggie (kitten) with his BIG yellow eyes. He was a big kitty.

I got him cremated and he is now above me head at nite. When it is time for me to be with him and all the other fur babies that I lost through my life, All of our ashes will be mixed together and spend in the woods
that we all loved.

I would come home from work and there he was just waiting for me, I would get out of the car and he would run to the door to let him in. He stayed inside most of the time, but on nice days he just wanted to run and roll around in the dirt and sand. He loved to do that. Sassy would be SOOOO dirty and I would laugh cause he looked like a beat up alley cat.

He would take a bath with most of the time, too. Sassy would sit on the ledge of the tub and watch me for a little while then he would just jump in with me. He loved the water.

We live next to a trout stream. He would go down there and chase bugs, toads, and anything that moved. He was a GOOD KITTY!!! I will always love and miss my Love Boy’s until we meet at the bridge.




We all are hurt when the leave,
but we will be together again.
Mary Jane