Savanna by Debi & Gary Lowe

We rescued our beloved Savanna. She was one of 43 dogs taken out of a puppy mill. When we heard about this we had to go see; when we got there we did not even see her body all we could see was her eyes and nose through the kennel door, and we said right then and there this is the one; there was a connection. We brought her home and for six months we nursed her back to health; we later found out that she had epilepsy we talked her through every spell for the
last three and a half years.

On Nov 6/05 we decided to rescue another Husky. His name is Moonshine; he is 8 months old. On the third day we had him he got loose, and took off and Savanna followed him. This was the first time she had ever left our property except in the car or out for a walk. He returned and we have not seen her since. We put up flyers, called the radio stations, went door to door, put flyers in mail boxs; we searched on foot every place we could think of in the woods, along side the road, in people’s yards and nothing turned up.

Until a local paper ran a story of our heart break. Then on Dec. 22/05 We recieved a call from a man who said he had seen our beloved Savanna deceased on the edge of the woods near our home. On Nov. 13/05 We have no idea what happened to her. On Dec. 30/05 the man took us to the spot where he seen her but there was nothing there. Not a sign of her anywhere. I asked the man if he was sure she was deceased and he said he was positive. So we will never be able to have total closure, but at least we know she is in God’s now and not being abused again.

There is a terrible void in our hearts now and we are trying to get through it, but it is the hardest thing we have had to deal with. She was the love of our lives and she will be missed so dearly. Our hearts are broken and it will take a long time to heal. Savanna, you can never be replaced and will never be forgotten. We love you so.




Debi & Gary Lowe