Scarlett by Cheryl / Scarlett’s Mommy (Cheryl)

Scarlett, I shall never forget your sweet face,
Like a bookmark, my heart holds your place.
Your loving eyes, your caring ways,
Will linger until my dying days.

You were my soulmate, my friend,
Unconditional love given without end.
How am I supposed to go on without you?
Right now, I haven’t got a clue.

I’ll miss the way you opened doors,
And pine the way you paced the floors.
I yearn to once more hear your greeting cry,
Instead, I must look up and say good bye.

There aren’t sufficient words to express my grief,
The void you left behind is beyond belief.
I want to remember the joy you brought to my life,
But right now, the sorrow cuts like a knife.

So please my baby, be at peaceful rest,
Know your mommy loves you and is blessed,
For having had you made her life a pleasure,
All 11 wonderful years with you, I’ll treasure.


With Much Love
Oct 2004