Schatzi by Carol Eisner / Mom

My Little Sweetheart
After 17 Years 8 months & 18 days
of loving you, You left us today.
now I don’ t have a way
To tell you how much happiness
you’ve given me each day.
When you came into my life
I realized that what
I thought was happiness
couldn’t compare to the joy
loving you brought me.
And after all the years of loving you…
I don’t know what I’ll do
when I’m feeling down sometime
and can’t turn to you..
After all the years we shared together
you’re like a part of me now
And I know that for this life time
I’ll be waiting for us to be
sharing eternity with each other,
doing everything together like we always did.
After all these years, I know
that I’ll be missing you forever

Thank you
for the miracle of you…
You are, and always will be,
the love of my life! In this life,
until we are together forever again.
“My Sweetheart”


With me always, love
Carol Eisner