Aug. 7 1984 —– March 30 2000


I remember this one time very clearly and would like to share

it with everyone. I was living in Texas at the time and I was out in the

street washing my car when a man about 35 came up to me.

He asked me for some spare change but I didn’t have any.

My dog Schroder was in the house with the door cracked open.

If he wanted to he could push the door open and come out and

sit on the lawn.

The man started getting aggressive and pulled out a knife and told me to get

him some money. At that moment Schroder pushed open the door and

ran out side and bit the man in the leg.

The man ran and I had to chase after him because Schroder

wouldn’t let go.

Schroder saved me.

That night Schroder and I went to the Dog park and

had a picnic and shared a great night together running around the park.

I Love that dog