Scooter by Tulle / We love now and forever!

Were do we begin?? Scooter was previously known as “Pooter” he was received from my Dad’s co worker/friend Susan the name was changed to Scooter because we had no idea what a Pooter was so your Mommy immediately decided on a cool name or maybe it was your Daddy , whomever it was a great idea and you responded well to the name.

Our entire family fell in love with “Scoot Scoot ‘ as some of us called him. He made such an impact on our lives for his great disposition, his wonderful laid back attitude towards everything enabled everyone he came in contact with to love him like no other!

He enjoyed play dates with his best friend Dixie ( mini shorthaired red doxie – male), they would hang out at their owners homes running in the backyard playing chase or keep away with the tennis balls or anything that moved, they terrorized each others plush or plastic toys. They’ve remained friends til the end although they reside in separate households. Scooter has another best friend and it’s my young child who grew up with Scooter, at present my child is r devastated by this great loss. Not to mention Scooter’s owners – his Mommy and Daddy, they loved and still love him now and forever. We all miss you Scooter. The final days were rough but you were a trooper as always and everyone you came in contact loved YOU. You will be missed, God Bless you Scooter and be with God now.


The angel amongst us!