Scrappy by Sarah Howes / Mum

No one will ever understand how much you meant to me, you were my life. From the moment you chose me as your owner 8 years ago, when I wasn’t even sure I wanted you. You turned up in Barbados at our bar and you followed us home. You kept following us even when you were hit by a car you got up and followed us down the road. That was when I knew I had to fly you back to England because we were meant to be together. You were a real street dog, always fighting covered in scars. But you craved affection and everybody loved you. You were the most affectionate dog I have ever known. We had to muzzle you when we took you out on walks but at home you were my baby. 2 years after bringing you back we found out you had leishmaniasis a tropical disease; we thought we would lose you but with medication you enjoyed 4 wonderful years. Then on Friday you went down hill and started vomiting when they operated on Sunday they found a tumor; it was cancer and they had to let you go. I am totally gobsmacked…after fighting leishmaniasis all those years it turns out you had cancer and there was nothing they could do.

You were my best friend and from the moment you chose me you mapped out my whole life. People often said you were like a little person so independent and wise. You never really showed your love it wasn’t your way but I know you trusted me after your awful start. I feel I have let you down by not spotting the cancer earlier. To be honest I am struggling without you because I feel like my world has ended. I know where ever you are you are running things…I just wish to god you were still here. Take care darling..


You will always be my little man all my love,
21, June 2009
Sarah Howes