Scrubby by Nancy and Eric Bridge / Mommy and Dady and Sissy and
Auntie Ada and A

I first spotted you on a hot August day. You were sitting in a cage all by yourself at the flea market. Beside you was a cage of puppies, everyone was making all over them. But I saw a look in your eyes and the gentle wag of your tail, that said if you take me I will love you forever. So I paid more than I thought you were worth. But now I know I paid too little. Because no money could ever amount to the love that you gave me. You were like a friend always listening to me, sometimes I think you understood me too. Then in 1999 you met Eric and his dog Sugar.

You and her became great buddies. You became Eric’s little man. But sadly in 2003 Sugar who was 23 was too old to go anymore and went to heaven. And then six months ago my baby Scrubby got sick and never got better. We had you gently to sleep in our arms last night. You are so missed already, but you will always be in my heart and daddy’s heart too. Because you took a piece of my heart with you. I know you’re in heaven were theres no pain playing with Sugar and all the other animals. And someday we will find each other again.


Love you Always,
Nancy and Eric Bridge