Sekhmet by Shelley Rabinovitch / Mom

In the late 1990s there was a housefire in a semi-detached home in Ottawa, which exposed a “puppy mill” with over 100 small mixed-breed dogs, almost a dozen cats, and other small housepets. The owner was convicted of animal abuse: the animals were kept in cupboards, or in a small room where the owner shovelled feces with a SNOW SHOVEL. The only cat who survived was my Sekhmet: I chose the name as Sekhmet was an Egyptian Goddess of the sun – bright, hot and strong.

Sekhmet came to me in terrifying shape: emaciated and her growth had been stunted. However, she soon settled down to become the most loving little girlcat. I survived the fires of abuse myself and an unbreakable bond formed between myself and Sekhmet. I adopted her expecting about 20 years of companionship but heartbreakingly, I adopted a dying cat. The abuse she suffered as a kitten had damaged her kidneys, and after a short four years with me, she passed away to a better place.

I still stare at the foot of the bed where my Sekhmet used to sit and watch me at night before settling down to sleep on my pillow by my head. I miss her horribly and can only hope that I gave her love and affection she will always remember.


When the stars twinkle, I know she's protecting me still.
Shelley Rabinovitch