Seti by Lee and Family



July 5 1993 ----- January 12 2000





Seti the eternal shining light of Ra

and the precious companion I cherished,

gave only love and affection to all

during his glorious and enchanting 7-year life;

then unexpectedly by natural causes he perished.


Specially bred to be sensitive and unique -

He sat up and begged fetched and retreived,

always sleeping or resting by my feet,

solely for the want of love and contact

which I gave as abundantly as received.


His coat was Persian-length silky soft and tufted.

Experimentally born from a chocolate pointed torte,

his color was dark ash--ears face and legs seal-pointed;

only this his sweet meow friendship and beauty,

shall I forever remember in the wake of his sudden end.


Although at first unaware that his unique breeding

would also serve to shorten his life and our bond,

I would do it all again and incur the dues ensuing

to ensure his life was again as enriched and happy,

as my life had been with him and forevermore in memory -

- my loving Seti-Boy.

Love Always,


Nancy Lee Hunt Whatley

1/12/2000: Given into the Lord's hands at 10:35 a.m.

(Poem composed by son Dean Whatley Seti's breeder.











Lee and Family