Shadow by Brenda / Mommy


You were my one true love,
my reason for living,
Although you were in pain,
you just kept on giving,
your unconditional love,
your warmth and affection,
when God created you,
he created perfection.

You were the love of my life,
now my heart’s missing link.
Without you in my life,
I can’t even think.

The wonderful years we’ve shared,
I will always treasure,
The love that I have in my heart for you,
one cannot measure.

For now we are apart,
but one day we will reunite,
I know that I will find you,
you are my guiding light.

I am so lost without you,
my heart will never mend,
I cannot wait to hold you again,
my love, my life, my friend.

You will live in my heart forever.


All my love,
20, Sep 2002