Shadow by Cassandra / Your mommy

Shadow: My reason for life

This dog I held in my arms at night.

This dog I loved more than life.

When she left me I couldn’t figure out why.

Is there something I did? Why did she die?

I held her so tight, never letting go.

I cried and screamed and tried to not letting her know.

She began to sigh in pain, wanting god to take her away.

I fought with god, telling him no, you can’t take her this way.

She breathed so heavy, and wined in pain.

I held her tight, stroking her in vain.

Her eyes began to shut so tight; her heart began to slow.

But still I would not let her go.

Without my permission god took her away

Leaving me all alone to mend this pain.


My Baby,
1, Jan 2005