Shadow by Hollie Hitz / I Love You

We saved him from a guy that was gonna feed him to a snake so I took him home with me. I will never forget the day it happened. I had a leash for my bunny and it was a nice spring day so I let him out.
I went in and got a dish of water for him. I looked and he was lying side ways.
So I brought him in the house cryin so much for what had happened.
And my mom said he only had a few hours left. So I went in my room shut the door and placed him on my bed.
I sat there talking to him and petting him.
Then we had to leave to go to the store. When I came back he was gone. We buried him in a pet cemetery. I love you Shadow. You meant the world to me. I can’t wait till I see you again. hugs&kisses

love your,


I Love You
Hollie Hitz