Shadow by Jane / Mommy Jane

When my son brought a puppy home I told him “No way”. I was working and going to school and knew I would end up taking are of it. We kept her. She became a member of the family. The grandkids still laugh about harnessing her to the sled and putting 4 year old Jessica on the sled. One thing Shadow liked better than eating was running. She took off with the sled and when she turned she dumped Jessica in a snowbank.

As the years went by she started to slow down,our walks became slower and shorter. One day she fell and couldn’t get up. We took her to the vet and she had a bad heart. He said take her home an make her comfortable. We had her for another 3 years I always told her goodby every morning when I left for work and told her we would go for a walk when I came home. That morning she didn’t come to the fence to give me a kiss and it bothered me all the way to work. I wish I would have taken time to have went into the pen and gaven her a hug.

She passed on that morning. But I believe she passed over the rainbow bridge and is young and not in pain. I love her and miss her so much.


I miss you Shadow,