Shadow by Pfeiffer Family / The Pfeiffer Family (written by Sissy Jessica)

Shadow was a few weeks away from being 15 years old. Words cannot express how amazing he was, but I will try. Shadow was a black cocker spaniel. He had a white chest and face and little bits of white on the bottoms of his paws. He loved chasing tennis balls, a Nylaball, and chewing up stuffed animals. He loved all types of food – especially popcorn with butter on it. He could catch popcorn midair. He would kiss your tears away if you were crying and bark at you if you got too rowdy. He liked to play tug of war. He loved many guinea piggies and two hamsters. He loved being outside, except when it was raining. He would “accidently” fall into the pool when it was hot. During the winter, he would smash his face in the snow to eat it and look up at you with a snow-covered mush face. If he wanted your attention, he would give a BIG sigh. He was amazing and he will be forever in our hearts.


In loving memory,
Pfeiffer Family